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Financial Advisers Hampshire
Merchants Wealth Management

Why use Merchants Wealth Management?

Merchants Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to meet all the financial planning and wealth management requirements of individuals and businesses alike.

We accommodate the differing needs of clients by offering face to face financial planning and wealth management to help our clients understand, create, protect and increase their assets.

As Chartered Financial Planners we pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of financial advice and work in an ethical manner that places client’s interests at the heart of the advice we give.

At Merchants we believe in fusing the very best advice with the latest technology. With this belief our proposition provides you with the ability to benefit from our innovative client tools. These tools let you access your financial information when and where you want from a simple click of a button. To experience demos of client portals click here.

Merchants is an organisation whose purpose is to listen, positively act and achieve the best benefits for you.

Our customer aim

Here at Merchants Wealth Management in order to maintain our Chartered Financial Planners status, we are happy to follow the Code of Ethics provided by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Code of ethics

We must:

  • Comply with the CII Code and all relevant laws and regulations
  • Act in the best interests of each client
  • Act with the highest ethical standards and integrity
  • Treat people fairly, regardless of race or racial group; sex or sexual orientation; religion or belief; age; and disability.
  • Provide a high standard of service

Our Customer Aim

  • We will create memorable first impressions
  • We will listen to the personal needs of each customer
  • We will treat every customer fairly, openly and with respect
  • We will establish and develop lasting customer relationships
  • We will keep our customers fully informed both during and after recommendations
  • We will be clear about the suitability of the recommendations we make to our customers
  • We will bring to our clients attention the risks inherent in the markets in which they invest
  • We will be positive about resolving customer problems
  • We will conduct regular surveys of customer opinion
  • We will be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our products and services
  • We will keep these customer commitments at the top of the agenda